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"There are no saints in this world, only liars, lunatics, and journalists."

The MetaNexus journal is meant as a recreational way to help keep players updated on general IC events. All "newspaper" commentary accompanying links to posts or specific threads are typed lovingly, tongue (my own) firmly in cheek (also my own; may vary at request, and modest monetary exchange). Any "article" or media presented may be considered IC information, but it's certainly not compulsory. Consider this a source for IC smalltalk, the same way people might discuss TV shows or celebrities in the real world.

The Nexus has had its own culture for a very long time, but part of the charm is that it is left partially undefined, allowing players to explore any number of possibilities for their characters. However, we don't forget things that have happened in the past and changed them for better or worse. There's always room for fudging, as long as it's in the name of common sense fun. So, this "newspaper" will be only as canon as the couches. It's there. It may be upholstered in plaid. It may eat you when you sit upon it. Who knows? The possibilities are, literally, endless.

Projected content:
  • Weekly (probably more often) post recaps with brief summaries when appropriate. Mostly for "hey, there's a _____ in the Nexus!" purposes, with handy link. May also highlight particularly odd or amusing threads. May include discussion of character's identity, if this has been left ambiguous.
  • Letters column will contain the usual old-people-with-too-much-time=on-their-hands crankiness, all NPC, but it would be more fun to have letters written in from other people's characters. Complaints, ragging on the newspaper/other people/current trends highly encouraged.
  • Fake gossip and blind items will again involve NPCs. Again, actual IC rumors are more than welcome. Base slander also delicious. Libel, I mean.
  • "Revolving Door" obituaries refer to the high incidence of death and resurrection. Certain characters *cough* Jean Gray *cough* may earn a permanent "???" entry. Psychopomp opinions/testimony gratefully solicited.
  • LOL Forecasts are simply LOL-focused recaps, but in the form of warnings or completely baseless hysteria, so that people can at will have a perfectly good IC excuse to avoid a LOL, or a perfectly good IC idiocy to gripe about.
  • Apocalyptii announcements will be like when American newscasters report on horrible natural disasters in faraway countries. "Such and such universe is ending. Ragtag group of anti-heroes struggling against fate. We'll let you know how that goes. Now for sports!" Also, a lot of characters have, often more than once, helped or singlehandedly saved the world. Now they'll get recognition for it! ... one entire line! Maybe even more than the three word formula of "_____ saved world"!
  • General fake news -- I'll try not to malign any one fandom too hard. Expect a lot of transparent pseudonyms/puns. May also do some editorials, things like that, depending on time and productivity. Sort of like the Onion, but if the world portrayed in the Onion weren't satirical but real. Also I'm lazy as hell, so probably there will be a lot of headlines and not all that much article. Shut it, JJJ probably wrote like 6 articles in the entire Spider-man run. *waits for fan contradiction*
  • Cartoons welcome! I can't draw, so don't expect anything from me.
  • Photoshopped scans/pictures also hilarious and welcome. The more badly done, the better. Ten points if it includes Bigfoot.
  • Guest articles welcome at any time, if you feel like writing.
  • Interviews :D :D if your character's open to it, he/she/it may be asked for an interview! We'll do a thread here or wherever, which will then be linked in an "article" post.
  • Reviews of restaurants/plays/movies etc. Again, all fake. But there are still IC places like Cafe Samba which could receive a review. If the mention of any person/place goes beyond a few sentences, into a more elaborate joke or piece of writing, please ask the relevant players for permission/approval. Mostly, though, I plan to do horrible silly things with all the fake news bits. Also, movie reviews ha ha ha ha. Quick, someone kidnap Mike and the bots!
  • Actual ... plot coverage? Hahaha what. Well, sometimes, if there are actual plots going on for more than a few days, that might actually constitute a story! Coverage of plots must, again, receive the permission/approval of the relevant players, as there may be IC consequences. But, as I said in the beginning, there don't have to be, either. I find it very interesting and amusing to see how different the actual event and what gets reported can be. That detail should also be worked out with the relevant players.

    For example, if there were a reporter trying to do a report on the events of the Battle Royale, obviously they would have an extremely difficult time getting information, at least, until everyone came back and various things were explained. In that situation, I probably would have spent a lot of time talking about alien abduction and various other crackpot theories that, because we're in the Nexus, may not actually be so crackpot after all... yet are still intrinsically ridiculous.

    Or if there had been a reporter around for the pirate invasion, there probably would've been a lot of politically incorrect pirate slurs with very "racist" editorials, no doubt comparing them unfavorably to their "more sophisticated Asian warrior comrades". You get the idea.

There is going to be a mysterious NPC staff more or less running the paper behind the scenes, but I'm sure personalities will evolve out (especially during writing) as I go along. Please, please, please feel free at any time to chuck some writing my way, no matter what it is -- if it's anything that can be published in a newspaper, it'll do.

If you'd like to have a character ICly working for the newspaper, that would be lots of fun. You're not obligated to actually write anything, but you certainly can if you want to. You'll have first pick of "stories", so you can pick what (if anything) you want to "cover" (having your character mention it in passing, doing actual scenes based around the premise, whatever) while the NPC lackeys pick up the rest. If you'd like to OOCly help out, well, you are awesome! Please do!

Posts will go up on convenientwall. Comments can be used for IC reaction, write in complaints, whatever.
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