MetaNexus (metanexus) wrote,

Nexus Avengers interview: for Abby's approval :3

MetaNexus plans to interview not only the Avengers group, but anybody with an opinion about them. (Anyone who wants to comment can and should comment, in other words. :>)

For the Avengers who ICly consent to be interviewed: whatever information your characters give to the MetaNexus reporter, that's the information that will be "printed" (put together on a post to be published later). There will be your basic biographical questions, questions about if and how they know the other Avengers, that kind of thing.

IMPORTANT: They will also want to take a picture of your character, so if you have an OC that I won't be able to just Google up and find, please e-mail me a picture of them at this button links to the service I used to make it. If you have a preferred picture for your character, please feel free to e-mail me that as well! Otherwise I will use pictures of Sesame Street puppets. NO DIBS ON ELMO.

(This would be a good opportunity for strategic misdirection. MetaNexus does not plan to publish information about any of the Avengers' powers/abilities — though some are probably obvious — because that would be Very Silly.)
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